Part 5: Demo

For the final installment of digital painting 101 I showcase each of the previous techniques in an illustration demo. The speed of this video is different than the previous four installments: it’s a time lapse which allows me to cover more ground. The entire process is narrated – beginning with a scanned drawing and ending in a finished painting.
As you watch the demo, keep an eye out for these key techniques:

  • The ‘basic 3′ brushes
  • ‘Temp layers’
  • mini-palette
  • opaque layers, glaze layers
  • On-screen mixing
  • Heavy use of keyboard shortcuts
  • Where to next?

Congratulations on completing digital painting 101!  Now you’re ready to take on the world of concept art. The rest of the videos can be found in the Library and the Store.  Have fun!

Still have questions?

The premium series “Basic Photoshop Rendering” goes into much more detail, and will get you up and running in no time!